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We talk straight!

Talking straight with colleagues, employees and your boss in daily life can be quite a challenge – although we all have been to the feedback seminar, right? Today, we want to showcase how we approached this both sensitive and critical for success topic in a hands-on way with our client the Brüning I Group.

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Infinite mindset

The game of business is by its nature an infinite game. Infinite games are defined by known and unknown players, changeable rules and the objective to keep the game in play. Although, most decision makers talk and act with a finite mindset, leading to a decline of trust, and innovation. Hear in this week´s companion…

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The Dual Organization

Organizations often struggle to incorporate efficiencies and hierarchies on the one hand with innovation and agility on the other hand. Today, we introduce an organizational structure that enables organizations to find a balance between these seemingly opposing poles: the dual operating system. Listen more about the dual organization in this week´s companion channel.

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How to get the right people on board

A good recruitment practice is the key element in order to find the best talents for your company. Unfortunately, the selection process in many German companies is weak and way too often, applicants are grilled” in assessment centers for two days in artificial laboratory situations. These practices are outdated and need to be fundamentally changed.

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