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What is your “why”?

A strong company´s “why” changes your organizational structure whereby a great impact on motivation, commitment and performance accures. Find out how you can build your “why”!

In our episode from June 18th we talked about five techniques how to reduce mental pressure in a daily leadership.

On July 23rd we discussed in detail the first technique that you own every decision in reality, although sometimes it does not feel like it.

Today we are going to dive deeper into the second technique – the importance of finding your “why”.

With a clear “why” your intrinsic engine is running at high speed without additional effort. You have an inner compass so that you are able to take decisions easily by assessing whether the tasks you are doing are contributing to your “why” or not. You experience a feeling to move forward of fulfillment by contributing to something that matters of being meaningful.

The “why” is constant in your life. It is your source of passion and inspiration and the reason why you exist, your legacy, your cause, your believes. And it is a deep inner feeling in the limbic brain where language does not exist. Words or sentences that describe your “why” could change over time to approximate this feeling more and more.

If you are clear about your “why” you can easily support your employees finding their “why” and work does not longer feel like work. It is the best tool to motivate your employees – and it is for free.

Make sure that your “why” matches with the company´s “why” so that you can contribute together with your colleagues to the bigger picture you have been working on.

If your only “why” is to receive money we suggest to quit and not to waste your valuable lifetime any second longer in this job.

To give you an example how a company´s “why” could look like we like to share our “why” with you. We believe in a world where people enjoy to work, where they have the freedom to contribute to something that matters to them as well as to the company where they can experience fulfillment at work. The one sentence that (currently) describes our “why” is: “We create organizations where people flourish and grow together”.

We experience that a strong company´s “why” changes a lot and more organizations begin to understand. It is easier to find and to hire people with an equal “why” and to keep employees motivated without artificial incentive systems (attention: the salary should be high enough to get the money topic off the table). People work together on eye level and each employee with his or her individual strengths fits in the big puzzle. Even the organizational structure might changes with a clear “why”.

We observe that more customers approach us to assist them finding their “why”.

What is the approach, how does it work and how is it possible to find its own company´s “why”?

We recommend to follow three steps by Simon Sinek in a tandem or in a team as followed, since it is almost impossible to find your “why” on your own – At least you need a sparring partner.  

Step 1:
Collect outstanding memories of your life and derive five stories that have had the most impact on you.

Step 2:
Identify three themes / patterns you found in step 1, which seem more important than others and where you can say: “That’s me / that’s us!” These themes build the foundation of your “why”.

Step 3:
Draft your “why” in a simple and clear sentence as well as in an easy language that belongs to you. Put it on your desk, share it with others and it will evolve over time. Doublecheck if your “why” is a “why” and not a “what”.

We are curious about your “why”!

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