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You decide!

Today, we dive deeper into a mindset technique to reduce mental pressure in daily life. How would life feel like, if you could decide everything freely and on your own, e.g. if you go to work today or not?

In our episode from June, 18th we’ve talked about 5 techniques to reduce mental pressure we experience in daily work-life. Pressure seems to be there – no question – but the question is: how to deal with it.

If you go one step further, you might come to the conclusion, that there is no pressure. It is an illusion. Let’s discuss how to get there.

The mindset technique we dive in deeper today is a switch from “I have to do it” to “I consciously decide to do it” to experience more power and less mental weight. This applies to everything in your life.

“No! That’s not possible! It is not up to me to go to work or not. I have to go to work, because I have to earn money to pay the rent, to buy something to eat, to buy clothes for my children, to pay my holiday. It is not up to me to decide this freely and consciously – I have to do it!”

Chains of interdependencies are there, no question. If you want to go on holiday, you need money from somewhere. Actually, that is not totally true – you could also travel by hitchhiking, ring at some houses and ask for food or a place to sleep. But YOU WANT a certain standard for your holiday. This is your free conscious decision. You want that. So you need money and you’ve decided, that is a good solution to work for this and to choose this special job.

But what about the rest? “I have to pay my rent, so I have to work! This must be true! – or not?” What happens if you don’t go to work anymore? After some time, you will probably lose your job and get financial support from the German federal government. You might have to move to a smaller flat and buy your food in a cheaper supermarket. You have a lot of time to do some non-expensive hobbies and you have a lot of time with your family. This is the price you pay. And your choice.

In Germany it is more of a luxury problem and a question of comfort and lifestyle but let us exaggerate this mental exercise to move to the root. Let’s have a look at other poor countries. People have to work in those countries, because they need something to eat in order not to die. This is a really difficult situation, you can’t imagine. But even here – a change of perspective will change something, even if the reality remains the same. Instead of taking actions to avoid death we can also say, they want to live and therefore take some actions to support their decision. This decision FOR life is very powerful.

Why do we talk about this strange example? Because it applies to us as well. And this is where the power is located. So start from the root: I consciously decide to live. I only live once. I want to have a comfortable beautiful life. This is my free will. I consciously decide to have a higher standard of living and I want to go on holiday by plane and do not care about money. I consciously had to decide to apply for this job, that is well paid and where I have to invest some hours to fulfill this dream of mine.  And I consciously have to decide to do my job in a good way to get a promotion and more money, in order to safe more money and to fulfill my dreams.

Don’t forget to doublecheck from time to time if this chain of interdependencies – that you have built up totally on your own – is still congruent with your idea of living or if it’s time to change something.

Next time your alarm wakes you up in the morning and you may think about this change of perspective. The situation remains the same: You go to work. But it feels different. It feels much more powerful and free. It is your conscious free decision to go to work, to do a PowerPoint presentation, to talk to colleagues. Create another great day!

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