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It’s summer – reduce some weight!

Many leaders experience a lot of mental pressure. The good news: it is self-made and an illusion! This episode explains 5 mindset techniques how to radically reduce mental weight.

We experience a lot of pressure in the daily work life. Time pressure, pressure from expectations of management, pressure from employees to be a good leader, pressure to do our tasks right and in time, pressure to take the right decision, pressure from home – we might not have enough time for our family. There seems to be pressure from outside, everywhere.

Let’s have a look at a daily work situation. Your manager asks you to do a ppt presentation for the CEO and you have other important things to do as well. Suddenly you experience a lot of pressure. How do you reduce the mental pressure in this case?

Technique No. 1: Become owner of the decision.

Most important is to change your perspective from: “I have to do it because my manager told me so” to “I consciously decide to do it!” It is not about doing it or not. It is about a change of ownership and mindset. The situation remains the same, but you will experience that it feels much lighter, if you own the decision. The same applies to all your other tasks.

Technique No. 2:  Be aware of your why!

“I consciously decide to do it, because….”. Be aware and clear WHY YOU want to do the presentation. Maybe you want to learn something, or you are convinced that it is important for the success of the company, or you want to pave your way to get a promotion in future or you are excited to master new challenges. I am sure you find many more interesting reasons. With a clear “why” the intrinsic engine is running at higher speed and gives additional support. You may even ask your manager about HIS why.  

Technique No. 3: Delegation and Limits

No, you don’t need to do everything on your own. Check which tasks on your list can be skipped or delegated. Ask for help and accept if others do things differently. Know your limits. Human capacity is endless. Communicate if you feel overloaded and have the courage to say NO! Be curious what happens!

Technique No. 4: Accept mistakes

If you totally avoid mistakes, you will need much more time and learn less. People, who allow themselves to make mistakes develop much faster. Same for your employees: they are getting better if they are allowed to do mistakes.

Technique No. 5: Enjoy & Play

Instead of trying to do things effectively do them with joy. The results probably remain the same but with much less stress. If you do things with joy, you are more awake, present, and focused while creative at the same time. You are preparing the presentation. At first impression, this job might seem to be a boring exercise. Now it is your job to find out: what could you enjoy doing the job? You may even play some games or challenge yourself to make work more interesting e.g., how many slides could I finish in 30min?

Getting to know these 5 techniques, which one do you already use? Just give yourself a minute and reflect on your mindset and mental load.

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