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Same procedure as every year? Checklist for New Year’s resolutions

Happy new year to all of you & welcome back to our companion channel!
We hope you all had a wonderful time despite corona. Let´s start the year – as most of us do – to think about New Year resolutions. But instead of just reprioritizing the things you already do anyway and adding a few extra topics on top, we recommend doing it completely differently this time: What are the 3 things you and your team should stop doing this year? No Idea?
Read more to get some inspiration!

Since most of us – at least the Germans – were forced to stay at home over Christmas this year I´m sure that you had quite some time to think about your personal NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. If not – it´s time to do it right now and here you go with my favorite one which might inspire you:

But seriously: What about doing it this time completely different? Instead of always taking on new things, we are proposing to do it the other way round this year!

Ask yourself and/or your team:

What are the 3 things this year we just stop doing?

Just in case you have too little ideas on this question here is our TOP 5 stop-doing-checklist which hopefully inspires you:

  1. Stop having meetings
    Question the necessity of all meetings and cancel all meetings without value add. For the indispensable ones: Introduce clear meeting rules, cut time frames for meetings by half and stand up (instead of sitting around the meeting table),
  2. Stop analyzing
    Avoid paralysis through analysis.Analysis does not eliminate the risks inherent in any decision. Behind the persistent call for deeper analysis is the naked fear of taking responsibility for a decision. Instead: DECIDE not carelessly but courageously. Go step by step with the implementation and correct if necessary.
  3. Stop benchmarking:
    Do not start benchmarking in the first place and save valuable time and money. It does not bring any relevant gain in knowledge anyway. If you do not know your strengths and weaknesses, ask those who can assess you best – your customers!
  4. Stop putting off important staff decisions for fear of conflict/unpleasant decisions
    Do not gloss over permanent underperformance – and certainly do not tolerate disloyal behavior!
    It is not separations that are disrespectful and antisocial but ignoring permanent performance problems and often postponing necessary decisions for years. And don´t forget: Nothing will kill a great employee faster than watching you tolerate a bad one.

    and finally:
  5. Stop projects
    Review your current project portfolio. Re-focus your project endeavors and provide relief for your employees. Concentrate on bringing those projects to the finish line that have highest impact on your strategic goals.

So – stay focused slow down your Hamster wheel in daily business – that is what we wish you for this New Year 2021.

All the best and stay tuned! See next week in our companion channel!

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