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How (fr)agile we are! A laudation for (classical) project management

Aren´t we used to it? At least every 10 to 15 years we see these big fusses in management practice again: Total Quality Management in the 80s, Lean & Kaizen in the 90s, Process Management & ISO Certificates in 2000s and now it´s all about Agility. Agility has also reached project management and is often used as an “excuse” to disregard important fundamentals of classical project management, which are ultimately critical to the success of a project. Keep reading, if you want to lead projects successfully…Continue readingHow (fr)agile we are! A laudation for (classical) project management

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Weak in execution? How to get things done in strategy implementation

It is no secret that strategic initiatives in companies are often subject of failure. In many cases, companies overinvest in what is as opposed to what might be. The struggle to execute strategy declarations into everyday business leads to poor outcomes and strategic goals might not be accomplished. What can you as a leader in your organzation do in order to overcome weaknesses in strategy implementation? Here are some straight forward and easy to implement tips.Continue readingWeak in execution? How to get things done in strategy implementation

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Navigating through the Corona Crisis

A short-term checklist Act immediately and strengthen confidence. 1. 3C –stay calm, clear and communicate more than ever Stay calm. You are more than ever a role model. No hectic rush. Share the business outlook for the next 3 months (base, best and worst case) and a rough view on the  entire financial year with…Continue readingNavigating through the Corona Crisis